Hello my friend! My name is Lex A. Velarde. I am an Emotional Therapist (Auditor), Life Coach, and a Public Speaker; I have done Seminars for a variety ofWe can help you to overcome emotional or mental unbalances topics such as The 7 Main Fears that Withholds your Happiness, Destroying the Chains of the Past, The Power of Forgiveness, Fighting Stress, Overcoming Depression and others.

After each conference I would receive many emails from people that attended a Conference and they would share how the Conference helped them to improve some area of their life. In addition to their testimonial, some of them would share a deeper emotional problem that they had carried for a long time. The only thing that could do is to give them the best advice possible based on my knowledge; however, I personally felt that it was not enough. So I decided to study more on how the mind works, and I asked myself “what causes or triggers aberrations?” (emotional unbalance such as: Stress, Depression, Fear, Insecurity , Low-Self-esteem, Anger, Anxiety, Addictions, Co- Dependency, Traumas, Unwanted behaviors with other, and much more…) After, doing an extended research on the different branches of Psychology and Alternative medicine, I found one (The Modern Science of Mental Health) that convinced me the most because it not only helps you to overcome a particular emotional instability, but it also helps you to eliminate the cause of aberration from the root (origin) with no drugs involved.

“You Already Possess the Power of Improvement; We will only help you to Unleash that Power”

Imagine living a life with no emotional instabilities, with no aberrations that you could wake up in the morning and be happy and have harmony in your life. How life would be if you could take the most optimal decision to resolve your personal problems?  Imagine being more productive and energetic to be the best you can be! Whether you are a teenager, adult or elderly person that is the level of life that you could achieved with us.

Give us a call and start changing your life right now.

                                              It’s time to Live and Enjoy Life.