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Hello my name is Lex A. Velarde. I am an Emotional Therapist and a Key Note Speaker; I have done Conferences and Seminars for a variety of topics such as The 7 Main Fears that Withholds your Happiness, Destroying the Chains of the Past, The Power of Forgiveness, Fighting photoStress, Overcoming Depression and others. After each seminar I would receive many emails of people that attended a seminar and they would share how the seminar helped them to improve some area of their life. In addition to their testimonial, some of them would share a deeper emotional problem (Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Family, Married, Relationship Problems …) that they have carried for a long time. The only thing that I could do is to give them the best advice possible based on my knowledge; however, I personally felt that it was not enough. So I decided to study more on how the mind works. What is that which causes aberrations? (emotional unbalance such as: Stress, Depression, Fear, Insecurity , Low-Self-esteem, Anger, Anxiety, Addictions,  Co- Dependency, Traumas, Unwanted behaviors with other, and much more…) doing an extended research on the different branches of Psychology and other fields, I found one (The Modern Science of Mental Health) that convince me the most because it not only helps you to overcome a particular emotional instability but it also helps you to eliminate the cause of aberration from the root (origin) with no drugs involve.

“You Already Possessed the Power of Improvement; I will only help you to Unleash that Power”


  • San Diego State University
  • Cetys University
  • The Modern Science of Mental Health San Diego Downtown.
  • Attended to More than 32 Seminars of Personal Growth, Personal Development, Leadership, and Coaching.


Lex Velarde

EPS Therapy (Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Therapy)

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